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Basic Concept of Email Marketing

Basic Concept of Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing and how you can obtain significant profits by simply creating "a list"? By list, we are referring to a list of emails and names of people that you collect on your website or in some other manner that you can sell or promote products to online.

Lists are generated through online forms and this method is typically referred to as opting-in or an opt-in. The person visiting your site will essentially give you permission to send them emails to their account on a daily, weekly, monthly or some other increment of time basis.

Mail-out's are usually composed of relevant information, newsletters, product promotions, industry insight, special events/dates, and other information sources.

To earn a ton of money with mailing lists there are just a few components to the "SUCCESS BLUEPRINT".

1. Website
2. Traffic
3. Opt-in Form
4. Email

That is it!

Soak in these 4 points for a minute. They all seem very basic and the reason is because they ARE VERY BASIC. People tend to "over think" things and make them more difficult than they are.

Building mailing lists is quite simple, and by learning how to apply the four areas above, we make over 30,000 every month just from mailing lists.

WEBSITE is one of the 4 important components to become a success with mailing lists.
If you have a website that receives traffic, you are going to make money online... well, this is partly true. Let us rephrase this sentence so that it is correct: "If you have a website that receives traffic and you know how to generate leads, you will make money online".

TRAFFIC is always on any internet marketers mind. Everyone wants traffic... Traffic this... Traffic that... How to get more Traffic. We are going to clear up some things about Traffic, and bring you to an understanding that not all traffic is GOOD TRAFFIC.

Think Like a Visitor! Before setting up an OPT-IN FORM on your web page, think about a few things that would entice you to sign up to receive emails from someone that you have never met before. Then apply these to your form, whether it is offering a FREE guide, informative newsletter, or piece of software. Sell yourself and sell your list.

AUTO RESPONDERS allow us to create an email and send it out to thousands of subscribers within minutes. Could you image trying to do this through regular email?? It is would seriously take an entire day to perform a large scale mail-out to your list.

Looking around, there are no real efficient ways of managing all the emails without a paid autoresponder service. These companies allow you to easily manage thousands of email contacts, divide them into lists, provide you with plug-in forms for you site, generate analytical reports... and the list goes ON AND ON.

Collect information on Google.